Awaken, open up to other horizons,
passing on my passion is in my DNA
have accompanied all my actions since 1978.


from 1983 to 1993 Sailing school

Creator & Director of Sailing School (private, without subsidies or aid) in Brittany. From 9 to 45 boats in 11 years, and thousands of children, young people and adults trained.
Dozens of assistants and instructors employed and trained.


from 1988 to 1991 1st Children's Cruising School

Founder & Skipper of the 1st Children's Cruise School aboard CIRRUS III (15m racing sailboat, which I had completely rebuilt).
400 children & young people, on board, discovered navigation, life on board and stopovers… Channel Islands, England, Ireland and Brittany.
CIRRUS III during a return convoy from the Antilles was shipwrecked then sank off Bermuda in March 1992.


From1994 to 1997 The Captain Marck Game

Board game that I imagined, created to finance my 1st Vendée Globe.
This game was then distributed to 60 copies throughout France.
A giant Captain Marck game has crisscrossed the major cities of the country.

The Captain Marck Game was the basis of educational projects for dozens of schools throughout France.

During the race a "children's race PC" was installed at the Musée de la Marine in Paris; a first !


from 2004 to 2006 Knowledge exchange

Initiator & Skipper- Facilitator of a program for "Knowledge Exchange" during the preparation and my participation in my 3rd Vendée Globe 2004/2005.
Knowledge exchange for 20 technical high schools and 697 students from the Poitiers and La Rochelle academies. Knowledge exchange for companies supplying the boat in order to open up a concrete professional future for students.
1 film has been made. Race PC installed at the media library in La Rochelle and run by students.


from 2007 to 2010 DCNS and Marc Thiercelin share their experience

Program built on two streams in parallel

The Skills Sector
open to 1000 young people aged 15/17, accessing a mini-internship, then training in the DCNS industry. The objective at the end of their training, 50% minimum hiring on permanent contracts. Each year I met managers, tutors and their apprentices at the 8 industrial sites of DCNS.

The Race Track,

20 young skippers will participate in a selection on land and in races at sea, during the 1st year qualifiers. I will accompany the winner - Ch. Pratt - the 2nd and 3rd year to allow him to train and sail alone in order to participate in the Route du Rhum 2010, aboard the boat DCNS 1000. Successful program, objective and communication , the entire program will have affected more than 3000 young people and resulted in more than a thousand permanent contracts and the launch of Ch. Pratt's professional career.


from 2010 to 2011 Reconvert

DCNS asks me to find a sportsman (friend), who has already accomplished a successful retraining, in order to offer him to embark with me to train him towards a new retraining ... sailing!

The idea is to show that in a large company - DCNS - one can evolve and retrain and have several stages of professional life.

It will be L. Alphand, who has successfully converted skiing to rallying.

I will take her on board for more than a year, Transat Guadeloupe-Bretagne, training sessions, Giraglia, Fasnet Race, Transat Jacques Vabre,… 120 days by my side on board and offshore. From neophyte he will reach the level of professional team member. !
Successful program, objective and communication


to 2015 Cap Alternance

Initiator for Opcalia and Medef, of a societal project to enhance the image of work-study with young people, Entrepreneur and the media. For the future of young people and the jobs of tomorrow.
Mobilize all the players concerned around a skipper and his trimaran.
Encourage the meeting between young people and companies in order to produce skills that meet the needs of the market. Restoring confidence in the future.
Ambassador for WorldSkills in France "The Olympic Games of Trades". Action related to work-study training.


The Thiercelin Company Academy

Maritime is a world of tradition, tradition is transmission, the Thiercelin Company wants to take action over time.

The Academy aims to expand the Company, through the integration of promising young sailors and young advanced technicians, and allow them to succeed, thus creating a virtuous circle for the Company and for these young talents.

The Academy also offers to host already advanced pro sailing projects.
Example of a Vendée Globe project that would need a structure, support, services… to be on the starting line.

Marc Thiercelin

From my beginnings in sailing, to excellence in racing, through my wildest projects ...

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