The Intelligent FlyBoat

the triple revolution


I have been challenging the oceans since childhood. This life of skipper, high level competitor and entrepreneur is a choice. I trace a path, at sea and on land, with constancy, bringing together big dreams around me. This passionate profession requires to be multidisciplinary, to anticipate, to adapt constantly while being watched and accompanied by thousands of earthlings. I ran at sea, the equivalent of an Earth-Moon-Earth and today I present to you a project in which the competitive dimension is added to the opportunity to bring together landowners and sailors in a real challenge collective, aboard a flying trimaran, the Intelligent FlyBoat.

Innovation Revolution

The FlyBoat is an ambitious and revolutionary project in its innovations.


A redesigned navigation on the oceans.

  • Reduce drag by sailing over ocean waves
  • Alternate Archimedean navigation and Marine Flight with foils
  • Optimizing high-speed piloting, managing the altitude of foils and roads and reinventing navigation on the oceans!


For the benefit of difficult trades, the world of disability and support for aging.

  • Use the extreme conditions of the open sea to develop an exoskeleton, the Exocéan, and provide solutions for the protection of assistance in effort and recovery.
  • Create and develop the Exocéan in navigation, an exoskeleton to provide innovative solutions for the world of disability & aging support. 


An on-board applied research laboratory.

  • Create the 1st Marine Incubator to embark and transport innovative companies & startups in the major port cities of the world.
  • Embark, develop and test the innovations of companies & startups around the themes: The Sailor Flight and the Augmented Sailor.

Revolution of Use

The FlyBoat Intelligent is an ambitious and revolutionary project in its innovations & its uses.


The FlyBoat & its activities for a wider audience:

  • Sports professionals
  • Passion
  • Innovative Companies & Startups
  • Engineers & Researchers
  • Gamers & e-sailors


The "flying giant" opens.

One of the most powerful racing boats in the world, usually reserved for professionals, is open to:

  • Companies
  • Passionate
  • Research engineers,

in order to experience great emotions in competitions and also during exceptional sailing, while contributing to innovation for a better future to live.

Funding Revolution

The FlyBoat Intelligent is an ambitious and revolutionary project in its innovations, uses and financing.

The nature of the funding sources is unprecedented.

Each source finances what concerns it:

  • Investors & Bank Loans for Assets
  • Companies & Passionate about Innovations
  • Sponsors for Races and Records

The FlyBoat Intelligent:
a triple revolution

The FlyBoat is an ambitious and revolutionary project in its uses, innovations and funding

  1. Usage of the FlyBoat is thought in third: Marine Incubator - Commercial services at sea - Professional Competitions
  2. The FlyBoat Marine Incubator embarks 3 areas of innovation : Onboard AI - Augmented Marin - Marine Flight
  3. Funding is new each one finances what concerns him: Investors / Banks - Companies & Enthusiasts - Sponsors

Marc is the bearer for La Company of a major committed project.
Unifying, pragmatic and tenacious, he has brought on board his partners and his teams with what has always been his driving force ...
« See bigger than you ».