Marc Thiercelin's conference:

Meet the Peoples of the Seas

Embark with Marc Thiercelin and discover the distant peoples,
travel as an explorer through ARTE shootings,
let yourself be inspired by the lessons common to the 30 peoples visited,
go out to meet you, rediscover the values ​​useful for happiness.

These peoples who make the link between the Earth and the Sea
have given me several lessons from their minimalist and inspiring life philosophy.

I have drawn edges on all the oceans of the globe.
Lover of the sea, connoisseur of the seas, currents and winds, passionate about navigation and shipbuilding techniques, I refined my expertise through crossings and races.

For the past four years, I've put the world of ocean racing on hold to survey the planet 
à The Meeting of the Peoples of the Seas.
These extraordinary trips allowed me to share the daily life of 30 different peoples of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, with the passion for the sea in common.
From these meetings, I discovered the rhythm of life of these poorly known communities and I confronted my knowledge of western sailor with lifestyles, techniques, beliefs very different from ours.



Meet the Peoples of the Seas

Here is my seafaring trip,

ocean racer, ocean swallower ... I took the time to go and understand how those I imagined from the deck of my boats, actually share the same love and need as I do for the Ocean.



followed by Questions / Answers

1h + 15 to 30 min.


i Illustrated by the slideshow

30 min. 1 hour

video + conference

followed by Questions / Answers

15 min. + 45 min. + 15 to 30 min.

Other formats are possible: plenary conference, opening conference, closing conference, conference for comex, codir, lunch, dinner conference, seminar convention, conference-workshop on water ...




executive and management committees, managers, project committees, clients, employees, federations, associations


& distant cultures


The knowledge of the Peoples of the Seas, their cultures, opens our eyes. These peoples bring us solutions on the capacity of man to live in symbiosis with his natural environment to preserve it and allow the reproduction of marine resources.




From them, we have to relearn because, perhaps more than us, they are aware of the importance of preserving natural balances for their future ... as for ours.


& 30 destinations


This travel conference is an infusion of ancestral minimalist and learning values.

the words



Travel - Passion - Root Peoples - Life lessons - Fishing - Family - Know-How - Values ​​- Minimalist life - Adventurer - Nature - World - Planet

Marc Thierceilin - Skipper since birth - Speaker since 1998. More than 400 Conferences

... Credit Immobilier France, Swiss credit, barclays, Limagrain, EDHEC, PPR, École Polytechnique, Bénéteau, Elis, Lancel, EADS, Yves Rocher, Entreprendre Network, Crédit Agricole, Kenzo, ISS Group, ESA, Bristol myers Squibb, Gras Savoye, Gallimard, Hatchet Book, Relay H, Richemont Group, Vinci, Solvay, Vuarnet, Chronopost, Cougar, Societe Generale & Lyxor, Hermes Mitsubishi, UPSA, 3M Group, DCNS, Liquid air, HSBC, Intermarché, Morgan McKinley, AT Kearney, SCA, Opcalia, MEDEF, Crossroads, EDF, Novartis, France Business School, La Poste, WBC, SALM, Maquet, Econocom, ITS Group, DataLog, SNCF, Orange, Keolis, Volkswagen, Rock, Terreos, APM Expert, Malakoff Med, RATP, Arte, Erdf, Pfizer, AG2R, Invivo, Software AG, Smac, MarsFood, The Ritz, Babel, CCM Benchmark, Securitas, Sanofi, Ellisphere, Auchan, Yes- SNCF, CNP Insurance, Chanel, Medef Regions, Nuclear Spie, Curium Pharma, Wallix, Vente Privée, Kedge, BPI, ...

Marc Thiercelin

the biography

Skipper, explorer and business man, Marc is a speaker like no other. From the desire to build his life, he entered the Boulle school and built his first house at the age of 15.

At 18, he gave in to the charm of the oceans and began a crazy adventure as a skipper-manager-champion: 5 solo round the world, 4 Antarctic Tours, 4 solo Cape Horn, 22 Transats, 7 Figaro, 5 Tours from France as a crew,

A total of 700 km traveled on all oceans, a round trip to Earth-Moon.

Behind the sailor who runs the world hides an entrepreneurial leader of men and ambitious, passionate about transmission of knowledge and innovation, defender of work-study, artist and adventurer of human encounters.

Excellence, creativity and a love for sailing make up her journey.

In 2014, the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans brought Marc to the coastal peoples at the end of the world. In 4 years, 30 peoples will welcome it to the rhythm of their daily lives: fishing, nature and the organization of their community. " Meet the People of the Seas ”, An ARTE documentary series, is also a conference and soon a book.

In 2020, the FlyBoat Intelligent project, an ultimate flying trimaran, will open the world of seafarers to earthlings, thanks to a triple revolution of use, financing and innovation. Marc is leading this great committed project. Unifying, pragmatic and tenacious, he has brought on board his partners and his teams with what has always been his driving force ... " See bigger than you ».

Landmarks & Numbers

Boulle School in 14 years - Sailing and entrepreneurial competition at 20 years - + of 300 employees - 15 years of teaching thousands of children and adults - 5 Single round the world - 4 Antarctic Tours - 4 Cape Horn solo - 22 Deckchairs, 7 Figaro, 5 Crewed Tours de France - 700 000 km run on the oceans, a round trip Earth-Moon - 10 major projects carried out as a Skipper-Manager-Trainer

Marc Thiercelin

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