To the meeting
peoples of the seas

Story of a journey to meet those who, like me, have the ocean as their horizon.

For four years, I roamed the planet to meet the peoples of the seas. An extraordinary adventure which allowed me to share the daily life of twenty communities in Africa, South America, Oceania and Asia.

In Madagascar, I discovered a people of sailors who each year migrate several hundred kilometers to the Barren archipelago. In Timor, it was alongside a clan of female divers that I explored the seabed of the Indian Ocean. In Thailand, I embarked alongside the last nomads of the Mergui archipelago.

With "Meeting the peoples of the seas" you will be swept away by the daily life of poorly known communities and you will be able to compare your knowledge with these lifestyles, techniques and beliefs very different from ours.

This book therefore tells of my trip, the trip of a sailor, sailor of the seas, who took the time to understand how those whom he saw only from the deck of his racing boat, share the same love as him. for the ocean.